Thursday, October 28, 2004

Last day in Tokyo

Well, we're on the bus back to Narita airport. Walked around Shinjuku a little this morning to get a breath of fresh air and do some last-minute shopping. Took a picture of some businessmen enjoying bowls of udon. It's a bummer that this is our last day. Saw a guy sending a text message from his phone while riding his bike through the busy streets. Crazy. Reminds me of a talk show we saw where these women were taking questions by text message. They didn't give a phone number, just the email addresses of the 3 ladies hosting the show. Messages would pop up on the bottom right of the screen and they would answer them on the air. I wonder how much the Japanese watch TV with all the shopping and night life there is to do.

Img_3705 Img_3722

The other is a picture from our room during the day. It's amazing how sprawling Tokyo is. At night what's striking is that the horizon is almost a solid line of those red lights that warn low-flying aircraft of tall buildings. I can see one of them on our building glowing about 6 stories up.

Since I've got a couple hours on the bus I think I'll write a little bit about Kyoto and some other miscellaneous things I've been thinking about.

Note I rearranged some posts so that they don't jump around so much.

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